Painter Ivan Didovodiuk

«Wildflowers 2» Acrylic, canvas, 100x95 cm., 2019

Ivan Didovodiuk is a promising young artist from Ukraine. A classically trained artist, Didovodiuk holds a Master of Fine Art degree from the Lviv National Academy of Arts. Though his initial work focused on abstract expressionist painting akin in style to Pollock, his current work is predominantly focused on landscapes.

«Through the rays of the sun» Oil, canvas, 50x70 cm., 2018

He often paints using a splatter technique, thus retaining an element of his earlier work. His paintings employ clear bright colors to create both drama and depth on the canvas. The works are stored in private collections in the USA, Canada, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Germany. Hong Kong...

«Field 3» Acrylic, cardboard, 100x70 cm., 2019

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