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Painter Jennifer Chalklen

Singapore-based, New Zealand born Jennifer Chalklen is a contemporary realist artist who is mostly self-taught. Her works are a journey into whimsy, delicate and beautiful, reflective and poignant.

Jennifer developed a strong interest in realistic portraiture during her five years of living in Jakarta, Indonesia. Despite the chaos and abject poverty, Jennifer observed a quiet pulse of connectedness through acts of kindness, cultural nuances and the Islamic religious practices, which acted as an antidote to the disorder of the city, and an identity of togetherness within diversity.

Her works display symbolism and imagery which act as a conjoint to invisible concepts that contain reflections of beauty, and act as visual explanations that are relatable across communication barriers.

Read our interview with Jennifer Chalklen on The Crazy Mind.

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Aug 29, 2019

Very impressive !!!!!

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