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Painter JoKa

While you are enveloped in sleep, JoKa is toiling into the night stippling acrylic paint to blank facades, using images of styles and faces of yore.

Having a penchant for meticulous and detailed work led JoKa to his method of hyperpointillism, wherein he uses only toothpicks to apply his tiny dots of color.

Although his images may be skewed from direct interpretation, the meanings behind his work are usually dark in tone and leaning more towards a devious nature.

Currently residing in Philadelphia, he has exhibited from coast to coast as well as lands afar.

Censor Art Project

To combat the ever growing problem of having art/life censored by many social media platforms which take down artwork containing nudity mistaking it for forms of pornography as opposed to artistic expressions, Ive begun my Censor Art project, wherein using found vintage nude photos ive started censoring WITH my art, as opposed to having it restricted. 

Im a pointillist, painting only with tiny dots. 

The watering down and censoring of something as universal as the human body is counterproductive to the enrichment of the arts, and even though I am covering up that form, its natural beauty is still able to shine through and invigorate. 

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