Painter Josefina Ribeiro

I was born in 1962. From an early age, I developed a taste for painting, which over the years took different forms and techniques. I attended the school Antonio Arroio in the course of Arts and Techniques of Fire, where discovered the taste for ceramic painting that, to this day, has never ceased.

Always with an exploratory sense, I developed over the years numerous techniques that have allowed to create works of an original nature, never before explored in the tile. Respecting the legacy associated with the technique of tiles, the past works to open windows in the present that invite the creation of different rhythms and always awakening the look. Curiosity is my source of inspiration that explores the interconnection of materials through dynamic and innovative effects.


This work comes after reading a small book by Tomaz Borba from 1931 on the exercise of solfeging, in which the intonation of the music is pronounced only by the name of the notes with the voice, instead of an instrument. In the countless musical symbols represented in it, visual rhythms and harmonies emerge that, in an illusion way, transform the imaginary of musical expression into a painted reality.


Looking at the Future, not forgetting the past, it was in the search for this balance, between composition and colors, that I found the clear and simple magic of harmony.


Poetry finds in the eyes, the dream, wrapped in a colorful cloak.

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