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Painter Julie Ahmad

Julie attributes her life as an artist to her daughter.  When she was pregnant, she often felt this strong burning desire to be creative and work with her hands. There was some kind of organic correlation between her body being in the state of creation and her heart urging her hands to do the same. She was most drawn to the looseness and forgiving qualities of abstract art.  There were no rules here - you could make them up as you went along, and she wanted more of that.  She paints in an intuitive style, not always having the final outcome in mind from the start. 

Julie is a proud Austinite working from her newly renovated space in Thornton Road Studios, one of the city’s oldest artist communities. You may be familiar with Julie’s works from shows and features at West Elm, both EAST & WEST Austin Studio Tour, NEST Modern, Women & Their Work Contemporary Art Gallery or on Australia's own The Block Shop. Julie is heavily involved in supporting her art community here in Austin. She welcomes other artists and artisans into her space and hosts workshops featuring other talented instructors to provide a rich variety of genres for those pursuing interests in exploring their creativity.

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