Painter Kata Koleszár

Love in the Forest VI. Oil on foam board 30x40 2018

My name is Kata Koleszár. I’m a Budapest (Hungary) based artist. In my paintings I am critically scours the world’s image of beauty to fully understand it’ s impact on our societal world view of the human body. I imagine the utopistic beauty without any category. In my new artworks my interest turned from bodies to forests, gardens and flowers, representing the beauty in a very different way.

.Love in the Forest II. Oil on board 12x18 cm 2019

These three artworks are part of my latest, six pieces series . I made them between 2018 and 2019. Two years ago I was travelling a lot to Netherlands, Scotland and Switzerland and saw several artworks of Rubens. I was impressed by his colors and chubby figures. Those times I was still focusing on human body in my own artworks. He had a great influence on me therefore I made this six pieces series and named it Love in the Forest.

Love in the Forest IV. Oil on foam board 30x40 cm 2018

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