Painter Manuel Izquierdo

Abstraction 302 - Technique: Acrylic on paper. Measurements: 53x81 cm Year: 1987

In adolescence, he began to experiment with the plastic arts as a hobby, making a figurative painting. In the 80s he took art as an existential necessity and worked complementing it with other trades that will help him live economically.

In the 80s he experimented with paintings in a neo-expressionist and abstract style.

Abstract composition 120 - Technique: Acrylic on canvas. Dimensions: 100 x 81 cm Year: 1986

In 1990 he moved to Madrid and shared a housing workshop with other colleagues, in this decade he began and developed his most unique work, interactive mobiles.

In Madrid, he participated in the random art platform that formed a group of painters gathered to a common link in the work, the combinatorial, this link was called Random Painting: An exhibition is held at the Arena gallery in Madrid, Manuel Izquierdo presented a work that can be hung in 13 different positions on the wall, representing the reading of changes in position with two bodies that make up the work and a support that presents the 13 positions, hanging next to the work.

Abstraction 99 - Technique: Acrylic on paper. Dimensions: 49 x 69 cm Year: 1986

In 2000 he left his workshop in Madrid and moved back to Vigo working in his new workshop on street Conde de Torrecedeira. Alone he continues to develop his work.

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