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Painter Marcie Myerow

Life Underwater

I grew up focusing on fine art and majored in its freshman year of college. Due to a variety of reasons, I changed my major to early childhood education and pursued a career in teaching at the elementary school level until having my own children. Three grown children later, and facing empty nesting, I very excitedly revisited my earlier interest.

I have since been enthusiastically and passionately painting daily and have created quite a collection of original abstract acrylic paintings that show colorful and inspirational designs in a variety of sizes.

Flowery Whirlwind

I'm an intuitive, abstract painter who loves to begin a journey with a color palette in mind. My inspiration grows as the paintbrush meets the canvas and my excitement builds as my creation develops. My original acrylic paintings range in sizes, and I am able to create to specific requests. My style is colorful, intriguing and inspirational full of free-flowing brush strokes, markings and shapes.

My inspiration comes from the feeling I get as I paint. The freedom my hand experiences as the paintbrush flows across the canvas and the evolution of the dance between the colors, shapes and strokes.


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