Painter Marina Venediktova

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

MOLECULE  43.3*43.3*0 inches 110*110*0,1 cm
MOLECULE 43.3*43.3*0 inches 110*110*0,1 cm

I did not choose the name "Molecule" for this large bright painting by chance. I was inspired by the eponymous fragrance of the perfume. Its creation was an important event that changed and enriched the history of fragrances.

The chemical composition of the perfume consists of molecules of the same type, but at the same time, an aura of a unique fragrance emanates from each owner.

The painting I created is painted only with oil paints, it uses one technique, but at the same time you have a magnificent sight in front of you. Everyone who sees it on the gallery page will feel something special from the color transitions and combinations of shapes. A person who will become its owner and decorate his interior with this large painting will be able to discover new worlds created by paint molecules alone every day.

The painting is painted with active live strokes, it feels the play and movement of colors. The oil environment is displayed by the fluidity of its texture. The plot of the picture moves, changes and adapts to your mood.

Drifting in the ocean  45.3*45.3*0 inches 115*115*0,1 cm
Drifting in the ocean 45.3*45.3*0 inches 115*115*0,1 cm

I, as a resident of northern latitudes, always want Summer. And when I manage to spend a vacation in countries with a warm maritime climate, I take so many impressions home inside my heart that I can create dozens of happy emotional abstract paintings.

Why am I creating abstraction but not realism? Because I invite my viewer to work together, I offer him the opportunity not only to admire the picture on the walls of his house, but to finish painting it with his imagination, look for small parts and remember what they are like in his life experience.

The painting DRIFTING IN THE OCEAN was conceived at the moment when I stood on the edge of a rocky cliff and looked down at the overflow of emerald water filling a small bay.

Gusts of warm wind played with the petals of flowers growing on the rocks - like bright butterflies, they circled and sank into the water, setting off on a long voyage.

This is my summer story. She fills the picture with the best energies, they will delight you when you decorate your interior with this large bright oil painting on high quality canvas. Colors of the sea, shades of sea water plus warm colors from coral to soft pink, they all create a unique mood.

I am sincerely glad for the buyer of my painting DRIFTING IN THE OCEAN!

The sides of the painting are not a continuation of the image; therefore, it is required to frame the painting in a frame.

The picture is ready to be sent in a roll in a tube, but according to a preliminary agreement, I can pull it on a stretcher, which will require an additional payment for postage.

Sounds  45.3*41.3*0 inches 115*105*0,1 cm
Sounds 45.3*41.3*0 inches 115*105*0,1 cm

Can an artist paint SOUNDS?