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Painter Maxence Doré

Graduate of the School of Architecture and Landscape, Maxence Doré invites visitors to discover his series of paintings in which the interlacing is master. Mixing analytical drawing and the practice of graffiti, Maxence Doré affirms an accomplished, fine and colorful aesthetic. Like topographic maps, even geological maps, we read in these oils on wood hydrographic networks, cumulonimbus clouds that intermingle and even faults that collide. Real work where cosmology is defined by an accumulation of lines which evokes the black hole, the horizon, the asymptote of life. His work is neither esoteric nor kabbalistic, we must no longer feel a search for his ‘Me’ by contemplating the flat areas of curvilinear colors.

Some would see an influence of the Cloud movement, but the difference is indicated in a profusion, an accumulation of lines and forms. In addition, it is distinguished by its solid colors whose technique comes from graffiti. However Maxence Doré does not define himself as a graffiti artist because, at no time do we distinguish a graffiti or a blaze. We could at best, perhaps evoke a journey of street artist, but, obviously, his technicality and his taste for analytical drawing position him more in an urban art with abstract and contemplative tendency. Indeed, reading his work requires that the viewer get closer to the work to discover its delicacy, this action forces him to look at the work for a long time and to forget the space of time around him. Like a real landscape that we look at with relish because it is always changing and brings us so much tranquility, the work of Maxence Doré is also a search for the beauty of life in opposition to the ubiquitous pollution.

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