Group of Oaks

The shape of the trees, their branches, their skin, have crossed the descriptive frontier to inhabit a fascinating world where their movements, their dances, their gestures, etc. They invite me to discover new calligraphies, gestures and procedures to be described on paper. For this reason and mostly, I use something as simple as charcoal, so that the technique is subordinated to the power of the subject.

Mulberry Tree

I feel passionate about drawing directly from life. In some occasions I have spent weeks in front of these wonderful models, even perceiving their slow but lively movements. It is something hypnotic that can only be experienced by working under these conditions. I have enjoyed the seasonal cycles, I have seen them dressed and naked, light and dark, wet and dry, even happy and sometimes with a certain boredom. And I have come to the conclusion that their forms, the arrangement of their branches and the patterns of their skins, are just the display of their biographies.

Great Pine

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