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Painter Nicole Pon Horvath

French born, NH (Nicole Pon Horvath) has been taught by Japanese Masters. She has studied the traditional disciplines of ‘Sumi-e’ (ink painting), ‘Nihonga’ (painting with pigments) and ‘Ikebana’ (Sogetsu Master). In addition, NH is a creative art framer, and fashion designer (Doreme).

NH’s work expresses the sensitive transformation of emotions which occur during meditative awareness. In this stillness, the search is for peaceful contemplation to open hearts and minds, creating moments of happiness and profound connection to the natural elements.

For me, being mindful during the creative process is everything! Without this, I would be producing very different work. Part of my process is to be able to see and open my heart and my mind, which helps to attain stillness and permit contemplation. Without stillness, there is no contemplation. Being mindful helps process what I see, what I feel. It gives access to different layers of understanding. You need to empty your mind before you can see what is essential.” NH; Photos by Paige Fulleton McFall - Read our interview with Nicole in The Crazy Mind magazine.

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