Artist Orsolya Lukacs

Before the storm acrylic on canvas, 24" x 24" (60 cm x 60cm) 2017.

Orsolya Lukacs (aka Orchie Lucas) is a Hungarian artist based in Oklahoma, who graduated as a Media Artist from The Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Her work has been exhibited in Spain, Dubai, England, Hungary and in the United States.

Autumnal impressions acrylic on canvas board, 10" x 7" (25.4 cm x 17.8 cm) 2020.

Art and especially painting brings me joy and creates peace and harmony in my life since I was a child. After my studies and creations of video artworks and sound installations, I flew around the world as a cabin crew to broaden my perspective as an artist.

My artworks are embracing balance and contemplation, celebrating creativity, energy and reflecting on nature, adventure, intuition and simple life. They are also the extensions of my thoughts and memories, feelings and visions.

In my most recent work I explore intuitive composition and organic textures, experimenting with new painting techniques and mediums.

Organic unknown acrylic on canvas, 19,7" x 19,7" (50 cm x 50 cm) 2020.

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