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Painter Pablo Gutiérrez Martínez

Pablo Gutiérrez Martínez is a Spanish visual artist born in 1980, whose creative production

focuses on portraiture and figurative painting presented in a contemporary way. Self-taught by nature, Pablo seeks inspiration in the classic figurative painting of the great masters, creating a new interpretation by building a more contemporary universe, with a focus more on emotional content than on narrative.

The real quality of the subjects he represents is one of the most striking qualities of

Pablo's paintings. Fascinated by the delicate lines of the human figure, he cleverly

captures the different personalities of his subjects, allowing them to shine as strong

protagonists on his canvases, thus showing the fragility and fleetingness of their beauty.

Harmony in color and organic forms are a constant in his work.

Deconstructed realism is his expression of artistic and creative independence with regard

to the depth and complexity of his work, although it is always in constant evolution. His

paintings cover both the softness of the effects of transparency, and the detailed opaque

effects, giving a creative and realistic aspect to his work.

The use of oil painting, his preferred technique, allows him a greater fluidity of creation,

although he has also been attracted by the use of charcoal, acrylic and digital painting,

experimenting with different supports.

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