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Painter Penelope Nanton

Fine artist Penelope Nanton (Pen’Ny) developed an unusual technique of painting, working with a paintbrush in both hands. This has attributed to her unique and distinguishable aesthetic. The work is only painted from inspiration, with the help of the universal energy and her connection with nature. Penelope discovered through the aid of her art therapist, that painting with both hands was a technique that came naturally to her and produced the most amazing results after years of working ambidextrously in her profession. Each canvas is extremely therapeutic as well as decorative. The artwork will enhance the energy and light of any room and can be used for many different benefits. Here are a list of a few of the benefits: They can be healing, relaxing, and even brighten some ones day, so can be used in an office or hospital environment. At present the artwork is being used at the massage franchise, The Massage Company, where it fits with the concept they offer to each client. It can help others find a new ‘ life path’ , help with reflection and just help someone to connect with themselves through connecting with nature.

Penelope is inspired by the work of painters Monet, Renoir, Degas and Turner. The natural surroundings of Southern France and her study of working with ‘ energy’ with her spiritual healers, has also heavily influenced her work.

An active member of the creative community, Penny is keen to share her passion with others to help develop their creativity and show how beneficial Art Wellness can be in ones life. On several occasions Penelope has organised activities at community events using themes to show how we can all help each other and more importantly work together as a community network. She is a strong believer that we must all help each other to advance, and through painting no mistake can be made when working through expression. Each person has the right to be creative in their own way and finding the sense of Well Being through painting is a world Penelope wants to offer to others.

Penelope produces work for both commercial entities and private collectors. She also organises art activities with themes for events and art Wellness classes focusing on each person as an individual.

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