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Painter Ramiro Silva-Cortes

Together on Dark Violet I.
Together on Dark Violet I.

Originally from Chile, born and raised in the town of Los Andes, in the central Valley of the Aconcagua. Moved to Santiago to attend college at the University of Arts, Science and Communications and worked as an art director and designer in the advertising industry. Currently based in Chicago, IL (USA) since December 2013.

Details of a Crowd on Ultramarine Blue
Detail of a Crowd on Ultramarine Blue

The work is the observation from a far, from self-isolation, as a witness of a society happening and evolving in the distance; the relation between depression, social anxiety and human interactions; the need of belonging and being a functional fragment of a whole. The use of geometrical shapes and a dreamy color palette aim to dehumanize the subject matter and enhance the fantasy of a perfect society. A metaphor to an unattainable beautiful dystopia.

Gathering on Rose
Gathering on Rose

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