Painter Ronald Hunter

Ronald Hunter worked for many years as a graphic designer until he made the full time switch to painting. As a result of his background, Ronald’s colorful, vibrant paintings have a distinct graphic, street art style.

He finds inspiration in layers of street posters, that create their own abstract compositions of colors and shapes as they are posted on top of each other and torn down in urban spaces.

Boiling Bubbles Orange: Ronald enjoys working with complementary colors. For Boiling Bubbles Orange, he used the vibrant combination of warm orange and light blue. Quick brush strokes create a sense of movement, of energy that flows around freely. Ronald used many layers of acrylic paint and light texture to create depth. Acrylic and light texture on canvas, mounted on wood. Ready to Hang. Signed front and back by Ronald Hunter, includes certificate of authenticity.

Ronald aims to achieve this effect in his paintings through multiple layers of paint and texture, and the incorporation of typography. Each piece is unique from the next, evoking its own mood through color, texture, and a sense of depth. His work is intended to bring this mood to its surrounding space, creating an atmosphere of energy or calm, depending on the piece.

“As an artist it’s important to have a signature style. I make my art according to certain rules, which give me guidance on what I want to make. In my abstract body of work, for example, I build the colors with layering of acrylic paint and I use a light texture to add depth.”

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