Painter Samanta Masucco

“A nest in the poplar” Mixed technique on paper, 0.30 x 0.20 m. 2013. “One thinks the days of a tree are always the same. Especially if it is an old tree. No. One day of an old tree is a day of the world.” Artwork inspired by the short story “The ballad of the Poplar Carolina” by the Argentinian writer Haroldo Conti.

Samanta Masucco is an artist who comes from Buenos Aires, Argentina, graduated from the National University of Arts. She works as a painter, visual artist, and Fine Arts Professor autonomously. Her paintings show us the subjective and intimated conversation that she hears about nature, its elements, cycles, and poetics.

“Elements” Oil on canvas, 0.60 x 0.60 m. 2020 Plunge into the depth. Brush strokes as trademarks, footprints of the living. Modes of presence of what becomes a movement which finds its own rhythm. Cycles that crisscross colors. Green and yellow intersect with black and its variations. Can you hear the silence from what it could not be? Sometimes, it is just the pure eternity of the instant moment which remains. By Lic. Adriana Wolfson

She uses her sensitive observation, paintbrushes, colors, and textures as creationist instruments of the visual gesture so then they grow in an abstraction hugging other expressionist techniques. In her works, we find force and determination, movement and silence. The use of black and white intertwining as a contrast of living matter and emptiness in an organic and free meeting. The colors as light, as a life impulse.

“Tanuki fabrics” Mixed technique on canvas, 1.30 x 0.70 m. 2019. Tanuki is the bond between a dead tree or part of it and a new plant. The work presents like transformation traces of the cycle life-death-life. Play of chromatic polyphony: black and white like contrasts among impulses; the red colour, which in its misinterpretation presents life and death. Suspended figures escape the speech. By Lic. Adriana Wolfson

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