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Painter Scott Benites

Scott Benites, a New York art prodigy, is showcasing his unique pieces with upcoming exhibits and pop up galleries in 2019 and beyond. Benites, thanks to his quirky style, is highly regarded as the next best contemporary painter.

Benites’ work is currently available online at NYA Gallery,, an art center with six galleries in New York, and online exhibitions. In forthcoming exhibitions, Benites will be showcasing his work in pop up galleries and shows in NYC. Currently, Benites pieces can be viewed and purchased on his own online gallery and store (

“My mission is to enhance people's lives with enjoyable art, creativeness, and self-expression! provides the best quality artwork on the art market. My works are unique and are printed in the highest quality. My company offers fast delivery times and around the clock customer service, “ says Benites.

Benites’ art is quirky, unique, and gritty, filled with socio-political overtones. Each unique piece tells the tale of New York and the emotions intertwined with these physical spaces. His interpretations of New York are refreshing and deeply emotional.

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