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The Dance Class 1874-2013
The Dance Class 1874-2013, oil on canvas, 110x150cm, 2013

Whether exercising his extraordinary prowess for unusually stirring portraiture, defining the uniquely elegant flavours of ballet, providing the viewer a sense of presence in his chosen landscape or capturing fanciful whims of human imagination with charm and warmth, Serguei Zlenko characteristically delivers scenes of striking depth and passion.

The delicate grace of his tunings of detail, the bold fervour of movement apparent in the strokes with which he enunciates the spirit of an implied motional nature in figures at rest and a fierce regard for the attributes and demands of light define the signature traits of style in Zlenko’s paintings.

Waiting for Performance
Waiting for Performance, 72x50cm, oil on canvas, 2020,

If you would desire to find artistic terrain which weds the respective dispositions of classical and contemporary approach, you will be well served by examination of this work. For this encore in our pages, Zlenko furnishes a cross section of his most familiar focuses of subject, rendered, as always, with irreproachable commitment, dignity

and flair.

Dreaming of Venice
Dreaming of Venice, oil on canvas, 100x80cm, 2007

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