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Painter Shih Yun Yeo

Updated: Jun 21

Painter Shih Yun Yeo

As an artist, I constantly draw to the rich history and limitless potential of ink painting. My passion for this ancient medium has led me on a journey of experimentation and exploration, fusing traditional techniques with contemporary mediums and unconventional tools. One of my unique approaches to creating art is my collaboration with unexpected partners. I find inspiration in nature’s organic and unpredictable forms and often work in tandem with trees to create abstract compositions. For this, I also enjoy using non-traditional tools such as remote control cars and toy robots, infusing my works with playful and whimsical energy.

Painter Shih Yun Yeo

Through this unorthodox approach, I seek to challenge the boundaries of traditional ink painting and explore new depths of creativity. I embrace the fluidity and spontaneity of movement, allowing chance and improvisation to play a role in my works. My creative process is constant experimentation and exploration, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with ink painting. By embracing the unexpected and collaborating with the world around me, I seek to create truly unique works that reflect my passion for this ancient medium. Ultimately, my art reflects my deep respect for the rich history and limitless potential of ink painting and my unwavering commitment to exploring its endless possibilities.

Painter Shih Yun Yeo

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