Painter Silvia Pavarini

Confetti. 50x60cm acrylic on canvas 2018

Silvia lives in Italy, she attended the advertising academy in Milan, where she developed a great interest in illustration. She later approached painting that is still her today true great interest!

Universe. 50x60cm acrylic on canvas 2018

Initially, her artworks were characterized by girls with big eyes, later her art evolved into something different, but with the same dreamlike feeling! Today, her painting is figurative and feminine, the ethereal and immobile bodies emanate an invisible, fluid energy that passes through the body and becomes confetti, light, leaf and silence, a harmonious intertwining in an exchange of souls, an inner search that describes the naturalness of feelings, in its deepest nuances! Her figures are heroines who live the nature and take strength from it!

Flower inside. Acrylic on panel wood 2017

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