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Painter Sly Megida

Okenwa Chimaobi a.k.a “Sly Megida” is a Nigeria-based visual artist whose works feature, hyperrealism, abstract, shape drawings, designing, creative direction, etc. He shows great enthusiasm for the sparkle and austere brilliance of oil on canvas. It has often been noted that his drawings contain underlying messages which he always tries to pass across in his works.

Sly Megida thinks of himself as a social observer who understands the fortuitous inevitable nature of mistakes, using a variety of artistic languages to express the travails of human encounter and experience which creates a paradigm in the affairs of the world continually. Through the years he has developed a technique for his art, “I create as I speak” he says, and his works are tantamount to that.


Embrace life, give thanks, see the light, and have a reason to stay beautiful. I want you to be happier, I want to see you smile. Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.

Brown Skin
Brown Skin

Twinkling eyes that bubbles bright, a sparkling smile that melts the heart. Africa sits proudly upon her natural hair. She gives her thoughts, her heart, and love. Her skin displays the truth of home, soft and smooth like vicious pap, the beauty lies within the soul. Strength so dear, her passion strong. No bleaching cream can give her that... Brown Skin; you can become whatever you want.

Super Hero
Super Hero

There’s a black streak caged within our soul, He hurdles his wrath on trembling bars for people killed on eyeless days and accidental dying in the dark.

Submit! The captors call, Let’s remake the world!

Our passion clamor deep within, though they peel our hearts with jack jack boots, guns and clubs, somehow we survive.

A voice cries endlessly within our soul refusing to be consoled, a twisted tin shack grating in the wind in a shrill sad protest.

A panther rages within our soul, better is to die than for us to lie down.

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