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Painter Stamatis Laskos

Born in Volos in 1985 and studied Painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (2002-2007) and graduated with a first-class degree. He has taught in special education (2010-21) and he also works as a painter with Jordan Nike Inc. an Oregon and as an illustrator of The New Yorker magazine in New York.

In his works(which range from canvases of very small dimensions to very large wallpaintings) he draws his inspiration from the contemporary urban art.

"In an age of demystification of everything, my wise people with their earthly dirty colors, their realistic and vivid motifs aim to bring back the spectator who will suddenly meet them in front of him, in a living condition with pillars the basic universal archetypes that Carl Jung calls it the collective unconscious.

Giving them the necessary deformation, my archaic protagonists carve out incompatible and irreconcilable trajectories.

Incompatible are the orbits that do not intersect and are not at the same level. So in mathematics I found the definition to give identity to my works and to determine the reality that is far from ours. Two realities in two different paths, until they find intersections with my experiential elements embedded in the paintings and on the walls. So the unconscious and the hidden memories are framed by colors, shapes and situations that complement my compositions in such a way that each work is a page from my diary, always reminding me how and why it was created."

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