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Painter Stephanie Nückel

Painter Stephanie Nückel was born in Göttingen in 1960. She went to Berlin in 1984, completed an art therapy study from 1991 to 1995 and then worked as an art teacher at the Cologne School of Art Therapy / Dependence Berlin. Stephanie Nückel has been working as a freelance artist in Berlin since 1999, where she creates her seductive portraits of women. With her works, she asks whether we have long forgotten, what power and magic women have. The primeval feminine seems at first to have been lost in our world. Women make careers, try to organize and live their motherhood in parallel. Your intuition remains in offline mode. With her own intuition, Stephanie Nückel takes up this topic. Subtly and analytically, she embarks on a world that is far from the mainstream - the world of myths. She dives into cultures and times when goddesses were not denied but honored as life-protecting. The primeval force of the feminine is cyclical. And so it is not surprising that the moon circles in the goddess pictures. This is just one of the symbols to be discovered. Like the torch, the fire, the light. In it the secret knowledge of women is canceled - at least in mysticism. 

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