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Painter Svetlana Talabolina

I am Svetlana Talabolina, a Los Angeles based artist. I was born in a Russian family in the land of Estonia during the Soviet Union era.

My love for art was born at the very beginning - it all started with my mom, Tatyana. When my sister and I were little, mom used to paint fairy tale characters on the wallpaper in our room. Princesses, Mickey Mouse, etc. they were always as large as the entire wall, starting at the bottom of it, nearly reaching the ceiling. Loving novelty my mama often would rearrange our furniture and replace the wallpapers, painting new characters every time it happens. It was magical and absolutely admirable!

By the age of 9 I was actively drawing faces and eyes. That is when I drew my self-portrait for the first time. I remember looking into a round shape mirror, seeing my face, but not actually seeing me; it was as if every line of my face was an individual entity, as a puzzle that I was putting together based on the image I was given. No fear - a pure connection between my hand and my vision.

I stopped drawing when I was around 16 years old. I was no longer inspired, something was missing. That is when my journey as a traveler began, which eventually brought me to the US. I realize now that for about twenty years I looked for the experiences, emotions, love, lust, break downs, highs and lows. In 2016 my life brought me back to my first love.. Art. The last twenty years of my life have given me in abundance of what I was looking for. It was time for sowing.

Being an extremely emotional creature, I am absolutely mesmerized by human nature, the whole of that we are - our physique, feelings, connections with one another and the unique reasoning behind it all. I myself live on raw emotions and strive to capture them with my brushes. I deeply enjoy exploring different subjects, but we - the people, remain my true obsession. What you see in my artwork, is the tale of my story, but it possibly is your story as well.

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