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Painter Svetlana Tikhonova

« My secret is to freely put paint on a canvas and then remove what I don't like, leaving what is beautiful. I then repeat this until I have an artwork. »

I was born in Brest, Belarus in 1974. I've got artistic education in the studio of Tolmachev, an artist and an honored art teacher. After education, I spent time mostly traveling, visiting a lot of countries from Spain to Japan, and returned to painting only much later. But Since I did in 2015, I rarely spent a day without my favorite palette knife and easel.

Most of all I'm inspired by emotions - our regular daily life is a diverse mix of different feelings. Love, joy, desire, sadness and many others - all of them I try to catch and then express through colors and balanced harmonious forms.

I use a palette knife and try to express emotions in fast large strokes so I don't lose the feelings and visions they have brought. I never plan ahead color variations and shades and I do not sketch faces since sketches are useless with very thick layers of paint. For me, all of these paintings are living a spontaneous process and clean improvisation.

Right now my artworks are sold to many private collections and are exhibited in various galleries in Paris, New York, Miami, Rome, Prague, and London.

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