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Painter Ulyana Korol

Ulyana Korol is an experienced contemporary painter from Ukraine whose works have been featured in solo and group exhibitions internationally. She works in the technique of mastichin fine art oil painting. Her canvases emit a warm light and highlight the beauty of nature. Ulyana draws her artistic inspiration from travelling.

A lot of amazing subjects often make her literally "hunt" with the camera on them. In her paintings Ulyana shows the bright, unique and fragile beauty of nature noticed by her. Sometimes it is the purple absolute of the endless lavender field or a mysterious passion flower found in the shade of palm leaves, some white oleander bush, a scarlet pomegranate flower or incredible emerald shades of sea waves..

Artist’s passion for photography also has had an impact on her art. Ulyana captures flowers in macro format. She has transferred this technique to her paintings. The image of a large, very close-up flower on the whole canvas has become her speciality. Particularly fascinating are looking her large peonies. Subsequently, the idea of macro capturing has been also applied to her paintings of water, paying attention to the observation of refraction of light in the water, its reflections.

All this energy, the brightness of colors, the love of life Ulyana transfers to her works, which vibrate with the sun, warmth and positive. For more juiciness she uses the technique of mastichin painting. The artist is delighted to be able to combine pastous textured brush strokes with the image of a graceful bending of a flower petal or the transparency of a sea wave. Ulyana’s works are held in numerous private collections in the U.S., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Asia.

My fascination with the water theme has begun from the trip to the incredible Greek island Thassos, which is washed by the waters of unprecedented hues. I have never encountered such shades of water – turquoise blue, ultramarine, crystal sky blue, emerald… I think, that the nature is the most skilled artist. So, after this trip, I started working on the project “In the shades of transparency”, which focuses on the aquatic theme of the sea.

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