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Painter Ulyana Korol

“In the Japanese garden”
“In the Japanese garden”

My name is Ulyana Korol, I’m an artist living and creating in Spain. My passion for flowers comes from my childhood... Flowers were my best toys. My parents owned a mansion with a garden and my mother often used to bring me different flowers from there, so I had fun by playing with them and by admiring their beauty. Having taken colored pencils at a very young age, the first thing I have drawn was flowers.

I draw my artistic inspiration from traveling. A lot of amazing subjects often make me literally "hunt" with the camera on them. My passion for photography, especially for capturing in macro format has had an impact on the way I show some particular flower or the transparency of water. In my paintings, I pay attention to the elegant and delicate close-up of flower petals or to the observation of refraction of light in the water, its reflections.

I think that nature is the most skilled artist. That’s why I never feel the lack of inspiration, aiming in my works to show its bright, unique, and fragile beauty noticed by me.

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