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Painter Umang Shah

Graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design with Degrees in Fine Arts and Architecture (1997) and becoming a registered Architect, has only enriched my visual reserve, while giving me the opportunity to explore using multiple subjectivities and a variety of materials.

The paintings and drawings have developed into case studies utilizing but not limited to; charcoal, ink, acrylic, printed materials which provide unique textures through fonts and text. 

In these works, there are three main drivers, layering, transparency and process. The layering provides patterns which work in harmony and sometimes juxtapose each other, thus becoming an intersection between the seen and unseen. I believe that my process is fluid and free from inhibition, with the ultimate goal of fine tuning the art piece. My work, has been interpreted by some as complex landscapes but to me it represents my particular state of mind and my physical location. I hope to engage the viewer and create a moment for memory and dialogue.

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