Painter Veronika Aron

outgoing sunset oil on paper 14,7x10,9 cm

Veronika Aron, artist, painter from Vladivostok, Russia 

I work with oil paints. It’s a tool that  helps me truly express myself and makes my ideas come true on a canvas. I love painting portraits, painting people because I’m attracted to their beauty and individuality. I express myself, my feelings through my paintings, and I touch on matters that are important to me.

pomegranate garden oil on canvas 30x40 cm

In 2018 I opened my own art studio where I teach students painting.  The desire to create something new and work on development of being an artist for a career in Vladivostok really motivates me to come to my studio everyday and start a new painting and spend time with new students.

perplexity oil on paper 16x20 cm

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