Painter Victoria General

Reception. (oil on canvas, 20x16 inches/50x40 cm) - expressionistic oil painting on canvas. Various expressions/reactions to a reception - perhaps a wedding... 1970s or early 1980’s depiction. Things are never as rosy as they appear, in particular upon closer inspection of the woman’s expression on the far left.

Victoria General is a Toronto based artist who primarily works either with pastel, charcoal or oil. Specializing in figurative, conceptualized renderings, Victoria captures moments with quick expressionistic and impressionistic strokes, rendering scenes that often depict the more intimate, private corners of our lives. (You can also find her exploring different eras from the past.)

The news. (pastel, 14x11 inches/35x27 cm) - Impressionistic conceptualized figurative pastel on paper... a woman upon hearing something rather shocking

Her work has been exhibited extensively internationally, and is in private collections globally.

Witness Protection. (oil on canvas board, 18x14 inches/45x35 cm) - Impressionistic conceptualized figurative oil painting on canvas board. This piece alludes to someone who has been placed in the Witness Protection Program as a result of testifying in court... the resigned yet somewhat sardonic face of the male (with perhaps his wife in the background) is the main focus as they deal with their new and barren landscape.

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