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Photogapher Robert Mitchell

"Sutler": This photo was taken at a Civil War reenactment in Huntington Beach, California. The subject had all the character I could ever hope for, but the background was horrible. The solution, in this case, was to replace the background with a complimentary texture overlay.

I am a Southern California native who enjoys photography. Over the years, I have found that I have a tendency to crop out the extraneous in my images, rarely taking in the whole scene. Ansel Adams once said that a photograph is made, rather than taken. He would spend hours in the darkroom to get the image he wanted. I use the digital "darkroom" in much the same way, to get the best out of my images. Clicking the shutter release is only the beginning. My photos are available for viewing on Flickr.

"Concentric": This image was taken at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California. The Getty is known for its priceless collection of art and antiquities, but its architecture is just as spectacular. Some times, as in this case, showing only a portion of a feature can yield the most dramatic results.
"Intersecting": This picture was taken at the amazing Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California. Rather than taking a picture of the whole building, I focused on small parts of it. With so much drama in the composition, only minor adjustments were necessary to get the look I wanted.

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