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Photographer Adriano Sobral


The serious gaze contrasts with the comic and colorful costume of the actor giving a ironic point to the picture. He makes part of a theater group which I have been working for a long time.

I am Adriano Sobral, a Brazilian photographer who was born and raised in São Paulo. I work with portraits of artists, photos of concerts and performances. I love to catch the expressions and feelings transmitted in the studio, stages or streets. I think that a photo can transmit a lot of things and I like to show that to people.

I feel comfortable at anyplace that shows the true essence of the person or of the feeling. A true pic can touch the soul and it is important to make that unique and original.


This is a photo of an illusionist and this photo can be considered an illusion, highlighting his deep gaze above all. This makes you stay concentrated and puzzled, deflecting your total attention of the illusion, what permits him execute it.

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