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Photographer Alessandro Passerini

I am a photographer for Saatchi Art and Artlink; contributor for Art+Commerce/VOGUE and artistic curator of the National Award of Photography and Painting 'B. Cascella'. I work mainly with artists such as musicians, painters, sculptors, performers, and stylists documenting their performances by fixing their personal projects' emotionality and those who created them, creating in turn others linked to my emotionality.

Natural parks, city environments, and suburbs document; their landscapes, fauna, and society, showing aspects not yet investigated. I am one of the artists promoted and sold by Saatchi Art of London. In 2014 I am in the exhibition project 'Food: our global kitchen', curated by the National Geographic team. Currently, I continue to curate and advise national awards, I collaborate with various publishing companies and I am curating several documentary projects.

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