Photographer Althée

I'm french and I've started my personal path as a photographer 6 years ago. 

Taking pictures is my hobby, my way to express myself and I must admit that it took for me some months - years - before I could consider Single Lens Reflex as THE tool, and even imagine a mechanical sensor as a canvas for painting with light.

W(H)ATer is one of my favorite subjects. We can see so much in it....In this picture, we can guess (WHAT?) a scary ghost !

"Showing what we can't see, or showing it differently", this is one of my mottos.

I often know before pressing the button that my goal is not to show what the eye can see. That's why I like playing with depth of field, or with blur effects.

A flower is transformed in a huge firework.

I like abstraction too, because I see it as one of the many ways people can interpret some of my pictures.

Taking and (re)creating pictures is for me an amazing source of pleasure and fulfillment. 

And of course, showing my gallery of pictures represents a great honour that raises from pleasure of sharing points of view.

Delicacy of flowers is enhanced by sun reflection on the surface of a lake (in the background).

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