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Photographer Amparo García Iglesias

My name is   Amparo García Iglesias. I am Spanish. I am pshycologist and I also write children’s stories based on  human values and solidarity. My biggest passion is photography that I practice in a self-taught way. In every work, I deposit all my energy with entusiasm, effort and pleasure, letting my imagination fly. I have done several exhibitions either individually or collective. In those exhibitions portraits or close-ups have predominated since those are the ones I like the most.  

This troupe, SHANTALA, from Badajoz Carnival (Spain) was founded in 2012 and formed by 85 participants. It showed its vision of the Commedia de`llarte, a kind of popular theater born in the mid sixteenth century in Italy. Badajoz Carnival is an spectacle worthy of being admire and value, by its originality in terms of clothing, its joy and the waste of colours.

This other troupe, EL VAIVÉN, from Badajoz Carnival (Spain) was founded in 1988 and it is formed by 210 participants. In Badajoz Carnival, the play of lights and backlights do not unnoticed by anyone.

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