Photographer Ana Gilbert

reverberation, 2019, self-portrait, series: the innumerable states of being

I am a photographer based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since 2005, I develop an authorial work in photography in parallel to my activities as a clinical psychologist and researcher.

My interest in this form of artistic expression arose from studies on practices of looking; my involvement with images, words and imagination took me to an intersection between photography and literature, working with images as narratives.

impermanent, 2018, self-portrait, series: the innumerable states of being

Body, movement and fragments are themes that are dear to me, and self portraiture is a significant exercise in my pathway on photography. My choice for this kind of expression aims at experiencing the body as fiction in its relationship with the world: the fluidity of the contours of the self, the reverberation of such contours in space, the possibility of contact with otherness. Body as ‘presence’ which directly impacts on senses and other bodies; fictional body that interpellates and affects, that suggests and silences forms.

I have participated in individual and collective exhibitions in Brazil, Portugal and the UK.

gesture, 2018, self-portrait, series: longing for presence

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