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Photographer and Digital Artist Kaushik Dolui

Way of Life

Way of life: When I see a lot of open space during my travel to mountains, deserted river bank or large green pasture over the mountain top, I thought in near future all these beauties taking their places to human structures and all magnificent places will be faded away and urban decor will consume everything. Whether we can live in tranquillity? A question remains.

World of Fantasy

World of Fantasy: Here I try to create a reality prompted by the subconscious, characteristics, and the expression of unconscious fantasies. Something like unnatural, supernatural and mysterious. Here all the hard objects are unearthly and unusual who are floating and standing against a vast landscape of timeless terrain. They are alone in the vast terrain. Just takes a surreal approach to landscapes.


Dissection: Like the human body earthy materials can also be imagined in the same way, then what it looks like. The physical presence of blood and flesh is felt in earthy materials also.

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