Photographer Andy Schwetz

VOLVO: Captured on a cargraveyard in sweden wich was full of classic US Cars and some old volvos.

Andy Schwetz is a photographer based in Munich (Germany) with a huge passion to the past. 

Look at me: one of the impressive statues at the Cimitero monumentale di Staglieno in genova. the detailed work of the eyes handcuffed me immediately.

For this passion, I have been traveling across the globe for 7 years to create lasting images. In my work mainly beautiful architecture and the various facets of decay play a role. But also a historical background of the places are often included.

Astray: Staircase of a since the early 90s abandoned villa in Italy. The villa is about to collapse but still retains the charm of its glory days.

In the near future, my work will also be included in a book project and a film project.

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