Photographer Anna van Kranen

Camping life. Price: €75

My name is Anna van Kranen and I live in the Netherlands. I'm a hobby photographer. I love many forms of art; (abstract) painting, photography, sculpture, theater, film and literature.

I have made a website about my father. He was a great painter and I took hundreds of photos for the site. And by doing that I got so much inspiration that I became interested in photography. By looking at all his beautiful paintings I got a lot of ideas. This is how my creativity came into existence that has long been hidden. I can't paint, so photography was a good alternative to express myself.

Everyone needs a blue bird. Price: €75

I mainly create macro abstract and/or abstract photos. Most of them are an illusion and I give each photo a title that often misleads people. And lots of humor with funny figures or utensils. So it is the combination of the photo and the title that appeals to people. I have a so-called niche.

The crocodile tears from Duncan Laurence. Price: €75

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