Photographer Bárbara Montavon

Daydreams Collection: There were febrile nights that confused winter. Sometimes it was as if my dreams were deep journeys of madness, old memories and anger, in my utopia, possible predictions of the future appeared. I open my eyes, I can feel the sweat on my face, and I understand that my daydreaming is over.

Bárbara Montavon, was born in Parintins, an island located in the midst of the Brazilian Amazon forest, but grew up in the cold mountains of the municipality of Caxias do Sul, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Deconstruct Collection: This series portrays a new moment in my life, of simpler things, a more conscious consumption of life, of valuing what has already been built both by nature and by our hands. From nature to big buildings and to man himself. I deconstruct my photographic look, just as I deconstruct old and not good habits, we need to be more and consume less. Places: South of Brazil (where i live), Santa Catarina (Brazil), Switzerland and France.

Although surrounded by literature, painting and embroidery, she graduated as a Bachelor in Tourism. She met photography in 2013, on a trip to Switzerland, where she dived within her own self, and rediscovered amid art. It began with a conceptual photograph and was soon being requested for lifestyle essays. For her each photograph expresses a story of itself, with beginning, middle and end.

The truth is simple Collection: Records of a trip through the interior of the Amazon, including photographs of the capital of the state of Amazonas: Manaus. The emphasis is on the municipality of Parintins, with cultural and folkloric manifestations such as the Festa das Pastorinhas, and the riverside population.

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