Photographer Brian Carson

Chin Picnic Bike Race Canada Day - The annual Canada Day bicycle races during the CHIN Picnic on the CNE grounds in Toronto Canada.

My name is Brian Carson and I'm a photographer from Toronto Canada. I reside as main contributor, curator, archival supervisor and head of all things photographic at The Learning Curve Photography.

Allen Lambert Galleria - The Allen Lambert Galleria and Heritage Square was constructed after an invited design competition in 1987. The atrium is a six story high pedestrian thoroughfare that connects Bay St to the west and Yonge St to the east in the Toronto Canada financial district and is frequently used as a showcase for major photography and art exhibits.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have one wife, one daughter, one dog and two cats who tolerate me chasing them around with my camera in a usually futile attempt to capture the elusive ' One Perfect Shot '.

Ziggy Portrait - Our 10 year old Golden Doodle Ziggy being his usual scruffy and dirty rock star self.

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