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Photographer Bruno D’ALIMONTE

Bruno D’ALIMONTE (Italian b. 1969 Brussels - Belgium). Bruno D’Alimonte lives and works in Brussels.  His photographic predilection is for social and urban notions that he likes to phase with the passing of time.  He is also known for years in the Belgian press area for his portraits.

Photography is naturally a testimony that freezes a past moment and slows the passage to oblivion. My intimate photographic work pays a tribute to fragility through an ongoing indecisiveness that reflects chaos surrounded by chimeras.  My latest works are the fruit of an unstable but necessary choice depicting a pictorial and metaphoric tension in the narrative. The images created are undefined and vague; they play with the narrative codes of everyday images yet are deeply intertwined with the ineffable. The world I show is poetically puzzling, it reflects our evanescence beyond any form of vanity.

In my own way, even if it is lost in advance, my struggle against time is made up of a multitude of strange, sacred, hidden and improbable signs. This collection responds to my thirst for symbols in the representation of reality and allows me to build a compilation of almost timeless metaphors where color has nearly vanished.  Derisive, tender and radical, the photographs of the SEPIA IMAGINARIUM invite you to an inner journey, this place unique to your imagination.

The photographs shown are actually exhibited until end of October 2020 @ Peep Art Gallery - Minimes street 33 • B1000 Brussels BELGIUM

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