Photographer Carla de Sousa

Carla de Sousa is a photographer based in Leiria, Portugal. Since 2012, photography has become her main form of self-expression.

(in)existence, 2018, Carla de Sousa self portrait, series: places of the heart

Her eclectic body of work, focuses on detail, light and shadow and her clean simple images try to decode a more complex meaning for things, using metaphors as visual language. Her pathway on photography uses self-representation as a significant tool to understand her work: self-portraying allows her to explore her inner self in poetic performances.

untitled, 2018, Carla de Sousa self portrait, series: the green room

Her work has been on display in countries like Portugal, Italy, Spain and Norway, both in individual and collective exhibits.

you can't handle me, 2018 Carla de Sousa self portrait, series: the green room

Self portraiture is mainly used by Carla de Sousa to disrupt a certain idea of beauty and it’s assumed by the author as a provocative feminine statement, a path to self knowledge, self acceptance and also a poetic performance.

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