Photographer Carlos Diaz

A moment of rest during a rehearsal at Alicia de Rusconi Ballet Academy. El Salvador, august, 2018.

Documentary photographer based in El Salvador. I started photography as a child and since 2002 I began to be interested in documentary. In 2008 I worked for local and regional media. I currently have several projects that include street photography as well as social documentary.

Ballerinas behind the scenes during the "Swan Lake" ballet performed by Fundacion Ballet de El Salvador. El Salvador, july, 2019.

In 2012 I started my first long-term documentary project about ballet, which I am spending the most time on. In this project I have traveled throughout Central America documenting different ballet schools, their presentations, rehearsals but all from behind the scenes. I am interested in all the work that the public or the media do not see. I hope to publish a book about it in the future.

Dancers of Fundación Ballet de El Salvador waiting to enter the scene during the presentation of the ballet "Snow White". El Salvador, October 2019.

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