Photographer Charlotte Parenteau-Denoel

My name is Charlotte Parenteau-Denoel, I'm 31 years old and I live in France.

I studied art history and architecture and then I turned to photography. I particularly like macro photography, conceptual photography and culinary photography.

Prawn Crackers I like concepts. Here I chose shrimp chips. I wanted to image the chips as a child could imagine. A potato (chips) and a shrimp!

I particularly like working on contrasts, textures while trying to make harmonious and beautiful an object or a banal food.

Sponge : Always a sponge that hangs in the kitchen. Interesting texture to contrast absolutely. = With a black and smooth background. The choice of black and white was essential and for more harmony and geometry, a diagonal cuts the frame in two.

I try to make beautiful what surrounds me through photography.

Noodles - Vermicelli : Tiny noodles usually used in soups. the macro photography allows to highlight the transparency of the texture and a beautiful contrast.

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