Photographer Christian FRANÇOIS

Elegance is one of the fashion’s core essential. In the background the exquisitely decorated Parisian venue Salons, Marceau provides a touch of luxury. Delivering dreams is a beautiful project. Paris, fall 2018. Outfit by Samantha Giraud.

Samantha Giraud:

Christian FRANÇOIS is a quiet soul living in Paris. In 2011 he quits a sustaining job to pursue his first love, photography.

The arrogance of her beauty sprays us, her infictious smile wants to capture thecamera. Portrait of a french model made at a Yumi KATSURA fashion show in summer 2017. Backstage shot.

Yumi Katsura

He decided to devote himself to the world of couture. As a backstage photographer he takes pictures of many fashion shows.

Same hair, same cigarette, same leather jacket, same glass of champagne, same smile, the topmodels twins Binx Walton and Lexi Boling are fooling around after a fashion show. Paris, Tuileries garden, fall 2015.

Binx Walton:

Lexi Boling:

Always looking for grace, timeless truths but also loving these moments which

lasts but an instant.

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