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Photographer Crystal Miwa

 I am Japanese- Kiwi
I am Japanese- Kiwi

Hello! My name is CrystaI and I am a Freelance Photographer, Graphic and multimedia designer. I studied Bachelor Visual communication for five years with various different design perspectives and established my freelance studio “Crystal Design” in 2020. I am originally from Japan and moved to New Zealand when I was 14 as an international student. I have since established myself in Christchurch, where I currently live. My multi-cultural background makes up a large part of my design styles, which are inspired by

traditional Japanese culture, European black and white photography and Minimalism as well as other modern abstract art. I enjoy making collage style as well, I find gathering small ideas and the contexts of pieces into one big shape helps to understand much bigger images and concepts.

I value hand made pieces, not mass-produced, and I want to have a conscientious approach to sustainable, ethical and beneficial activity in the world. My end product is guided by the design process, and I aim to make art, not photocopies.

Crystal’s design projects
Crystal’s design projects

I enjoy natural designs and include flowers, simple shapes, textures such as brown paper and traditional materials in my artwork. I aim to include the concept of Shibui and Wabi-Sabi in my artwork; Shibui meaning simplicity with subtle detail and harmony between

the artwork and concept.Wabi-Sabi are words to appreciate Japanese aesthetic sensibilities, which represents beauty within simplicity and imperfections; pieces that look made by a person, not a machine.

 Reflection of Sky and Flower
Reflection of Sky and Flower

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