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Photographer Dan MacDonald

"I am a landscape photographer based in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. I prefer to stay close to home, capturing local scenes and settings, and highlighting the natural, rugged, and inherent beauty of the Maritimes. I am particularly attracted to coastal settings, to the merger of land, sea, and horizon, and to its inherent minimalism. I find similar beauty, art, and solace along the Tantramar marshes. I sometimes rely on found subjects, discovered during random wanderings and journeys of exploration. More often, I return to locations multiple times. I may be in search of specific light and weather. Or, I may wish to record a scene in various conditions, thereby demonstrating the evolution of the subject and the fluidity of a static medium. I prefer to isolate my subjects within their surroundings and, via negative space, within the final composition as well. I rarely, if ever, include people. Ideally, my images will evoke a sense of emptiness, loneliness, or abandonment. However, I want the audience find their own reactions, judgements, and conclusions as they view my work through their lens. Ultimately, I'm simply trying to capture my surroundings as I see them - your world, my vision, one day, and one image, at a time." - Dan MacDonald

Description of the photo:

“At one time, there were almost 400 hay barns on the Tantramar Marsh, dotting the landscape for as far as the eye could see. Now, only a dozen remain. They have long attracted photographers and painters to the area and have always been a symbol of the marshes. But, one day soon, the barns will survive only as photographs, and paintings, and memories.”

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